Atlas Profilax – another step towards good health

What is Atlas Profilax?

Have you ever heard the term “Atlas Profilax”? I certainly hadn’t until a family member mentioned it to me. It is a procedure in which the first vertebrae (the Atlas) of the spine is moved into the correct position. In most people, the Atlas is out of alignment (apparently). This is an informative YouTube video about Atlas Profilax. The way it was explained to me is that if the first link in the chain (spine) is not straight, it affects every other link in that chain and every joint and/or organ as a result. This can cause all sorts of problems. Aches and pains in the neck, back, joints, migraines, digestive problems, you name it. The types of pain and problems that have no known medical cause and we are told to live with. The procedure was created by a man named René-Claudius Schümperli in the nineties. On the Atlas Profilax website you can read: “The Atlas does not only carry the head, it also promotes – if in an optimum position – the untroubled unfolding of self-healing powers  and thereby the physical and mental balance, as well as the integrated recovery of human beings.”

Basically, if the Atlas is aligned, there is more room for information to flow between the brain and the rest of the body and it can travel faster because the “bottleneck” is removed.

On the official website, you can also read:

[the Atlas] is the gate where cerebral nerves and finest nerve tract, veins, spinal cord and spinal fluid take their way from the foramen magnum. A malrotated Atlas inevitably leads to restriction, disturbed blood flow and reduced or false information flow between head and body. Moreover, the gross defective position leads to problems concerning the whole backbone. Repercussions with muscles, eyes, ears, jaw-bone, nerves, circulation system, organs of equilibrium and interior organs are programmed. The spine also has to compensate the defective position of the Atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint. Since each vertebra is connected with interior organs and emotional patterns, such a twist of our inner axis is also able to unbalance the psyche. However, having the Atlas in its natural position, the body can obtain a new dimension of health. That is the chance not only to walk upright, but also to experience an upright life.”

A bunch of la-dee-dah, or a revolutionary therapy?

I can assure you, it is the latter. At least, that is my opinion.

My reason for trying it

Being on my quest to good health, I had tackled my eating habits and was feeling tons better because of it. For a moment I thought that this treatment probably wouldn’t benefit me and I was very hesitant to hand over 180 Euros for something that just seemed a little “out there”… I decided to do it anyway after coming to the conclusion that money is only money and being healthy is worth so much more.

I was certainly suffering from aches and pains. To name but a few, I had an ongoing pain in my lower back, left of my spine. I had a constant, nagging pain in my neck, also on the left of my spine. My left knee had never healed from a sports injury 3 years ago and was always clicking and felt really weak (some days I couldn’t even climb stairs properly). Due to a horse riding accident when I was 18 (and following surgery to fix my forever dislocating shoulder a few years ago), my right hand has had bad circulation so it tends to feel a little colder in the fingertips. On certain days my hip was playing up as well. I knew these problems must be connected somehow but I thought that the connection was ageing. The problems I was having also seriously affected my sleep. Every night I would wake when I turned in my bed because something was hurting.

My experience

I had the treatment at the beginning of February and as soon as I stood up I could feel a difference. My left leg felt more grounded. Throughout the day and the following weeks my body started adjusting, fixing itself. In the afternoon after the treatment, my left leg straightened itself through a series of “snaps and pops” that would relieve tension in a part of my lower leg which I wasn’t even aware of being there in the first place. When I laid flat on the bed, for the first time ever I could feel my lower spine touching the mattress. Such a strange sensation. Over the next days and weeks, this so-called self-healing process straightened my hips as well, overall it really worked wonders on my posture.  And it hasn’t stopped, every so often I feel a pop or a snap somewhere, relieving a tension I was completely unaware of in the first place.

I have made a follow up appointment for the beginning of April, a required check-up which is included in the price and my partner is going for his first appointment. You know what, all I want to do is give the therapist a big hug to thank him for his contribution to my health. I didn’t realize how much the constant pain took out of me, how tired it actually made me, until he took it away.


To summarize, this is how the treatment helped me so far:

  • Knee problems were gone after a day or so. No more clicking, or pain when I walk.
  • Back pain disappeared a few weeks later.  I can still feel it occasionally but only very mildly
  • Neck pain is gone since a few weeks
  • Better posture (before the treatment I was always adjusting my posture, now it comes more natural to stand straight)
  • I can stand for hours on end without my back hurting. Before I couldn’t spend the whole night standing upright in band rehearsal, now it doesn’t bother me at all.
  • I am happier, probably because of the lack of pain, but also more at ease with myself, with life
  • I feel less stressed overall, and I get less easily stressed out
  • I have more energy
  • Pressure behind my right eye has disappeared
  • My vision is clearer
  • I sleep so much better, not just because I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore. It is easier to fall asleep as well.
  • The coldness in my right hand is less noticeable.
  • The strangest of all things is that I no longer complain about our bed not being level. Until recently I always felt as if I was not laying straight in my bed. I checked the bed a few times but could never find the problem. That’s because the problem was me.

I suppose I can keep adding to this list, as and when I experience improvements. In any case, the self-healing process that is triggered by the procedure is indefinite. If you’ve had problems for a long time, it may take a long time for them to finally go. In my case, my knee pain disappeared before my back pain did. The knee pain joined my list of complaints last, after the back pain a few years before that.

Before you decide that you want the Atlas Profilax treatment, you should read more about it. Investigate. Consult your doctor even, if you’ve already seen someone for your complaints. There are some people who have had negative experiences which are important to consider when you make your decision. When you decide it might be for you, find a qualified AtlasProf via the official website,


3 responses to “Atlas Profilax – another step towards good health

  1. Dear Ella,

    thank you so much for your personal field report about our method. I would be very interested how your experience continued after the follow-up session!

    Maybe you can post an update here…?

    Kind regards, Joerg

    Joerg-Christian Dippold
    Executive Secretary /
    International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs (IAQA)

    • Hi Jörg,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. To answer your question, yes, I will post an update – I had my follow up visit earlier this month. Until this week, I’ve just been too busy to write on my blog. In short, I am beyond happy that I chose to do the treatment, it was the best decision of 2013 so far.
      Thanks again.

      Liebe Grüße,

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